A New Frontier

After thinking and praying about my column, Frontier Orthodoxy, and discussing it with Fr. Andrew and Matthew, I have come to realize that it might best be fulfilled as its own blog.  This surprised me as I never thought I was the blogging type.  It also surprised me because I really like what we’re doing here on SOCHA and figured I’d not do much more online beyond this.  Recently, though, I have noticed that the direction I wish to take Frontier Orthodoxy is not necessarily the same direction SOCHA desires to go.  SOCHA has a narrower focus than I intend for Frontier Orthodoxy (both historically and otherwise) and so, Frontier Orthodoxy demands its own site.  I am not leaving SOCHA entirely.  I am only moving Frontier Orthodoxy to a new location: http://frontierorthodoxy.wordpress.com.  I will still be around and might even post on SOCHA every once in a while.  Primarily, though, I am leaving the SOCHA blogging to Fr. Andrew and Matthew, as it had been.  They have established a particular kind of trajectory that may be best maintained without Frontier Orthodoxy interjected within.  I do, however, still intend to develop the academic component of SOCHA and to work toward establishing a print journal this coming year (2010).

In the meantime (and beyond) I hope each of you who has found Frontier Orthodoxy worthwhile will continue to read it at its new location.