Fr. Raphael Morgan, the African Orthodox Church, and the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black

I’m taking a moment to publish this piece in the midst of a very busy time for my family, so I apologize for the delay between some of my posts.  What I wish to do is alert my readers to an article of mine that has now hit the press: “The Relationship of the African Orthodox Church to the Orthodox Churches and Its Importance for Appreciating the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black,” Black Theology, an International Journal 8:1 (2010): 10-31.

Those desiring to read it may find the article here:

This is not the most comprehensive look at any one of the people noted here (for example, I discussed Fr. Raphael Morgan to a greater extent in my dissertation, a work I am editing with the hopes of future publication).  It is, however, the first time in academic print that Fr. Raphael Morgan has been linked to the African Orthodox Church and that church to the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black.  The former connection is historical and direct, the latter is a thematic connection.

Matthew Namee had mentioned the connection of Fr. Raphael and the AOC in a post on SOCHA’s website:

So, interested readers now have the opportunity to learn more about the connections that some of us have known about but not published about extensively.

[This article was written by Fr. Oliver Herbel and originally published on Frontier Orthodoxy.]

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  1. Unfortunately the equinox article is a pay site. Is there another way to read/access it? Thanks!

    • Not at this time, sorry! One way around it would be to access the ATLA database. If you are a student, faculty member, or employee of a college or university, you can obtain free access that way. Otherwise, one must purchase the journal or article. That is pretty standard, though, as journals have to be able to clear certain operating costs.

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