Orthodox Education in America

In my post last month, I had mentioned that I’d discuss evangelism in this month’s post.  What I would like to do is share with everyone an article that is, admittedly, now a month beyond its “anniversary” month, but a helpful reminder nonetheless–a snapshot to when SVS was granted new facilities.

SVS to Get Facilities

Next month, I’ll continue with this educational theme.  One of the reasons I am doing this is because of a book that will be published eventually through Holy Cross, edited by Dr. Bezzerides and Shevzov.  It consists of chapters concerning Orthodoxy and the academy (university/collegiate education) in America.  Some contributors discuss specific projects and others some pre-American background.  I am also contributing.

Orthodox engagement with the university system here in North America is a lively topic in some Orthodox circles these days and there is now St. Katherine’s college in San Diego.  Our history is not one of establishing and maintaining colleges, however.  Frankly, we don’t know how that will go for us Orthodox (and a look across to other groups doing it might look a little foreboding at times).  What we can do is become familiar with the history of Orthodox education in America that we do have.

So, this post is but one brief reminder.  Next month, I’ll mention one or two others, which might not be nearly as familiar to us.

This article was written by Fr. Oliver Herbel.

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  1. “Orthodoxy and Higher Education in America” was the topic of the keynote address given by Deacon Gregory Roeber (OTSA president; professor at Penn State) at the last OISM meeting held at Christ the Saviour Seminary. This is one of his areas of research, and I believe he is in the process of publishing a work on the subject.

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