An Orthodox Library

In other posts here on Orthodoxhistory, we have mentioned Frs. Boris Burden and Michael Gelsinger.  What many might not know is that later in life, after the Federated Orthodox Greek Catholic Primary Jurisdictions fell apart, Fr. Boris established the Orthodox Catholic Alliance, which sought to further the education of youth and perform charitable work.   In addition to that work, the American Orthodox Catholic Alliance established the OrCathA collection of Byzantine and Orthodox materials by donating its library to the University of Buffalo in 1966.   The university established a matching grant and soon expanded its holdings.  As of 2006, the collection contained approximately 45,000 volumes. The University of Buffalo’s website had stated [in link that now appears broken] that five years after establishing an endowment in 1974, the Alliance provided the library with another “substantial gift of materials.”  The date proves to be important as the 1974 immediately follows the death of Burden (who died in 1973).  Fr. Michael Gelsinger died later in 1979.

Although the link to the OrCathA Byzantine collection is currently down, it may be found here: