Membership Apologies

It has come to my attention that people have been confused by our past calls for membership all the while there is nothing concrete by way of that membership.  One person asked me what it even meant to acknowledge that he/she would like to be considered a member.  This is a fair response and so I thought I would speak to this concern.

First and foremost, please accept our apologies here at SOCHA.  It has taken us longer to develop some aspects of SOCHA than we had initially anticipated.  In large part, this is because we have limited funds and also time constraints as well.  Our requests for “membership” in the past have been to help us get a sense of how many people would actually be willing to become due paying members in time.  This information has been helpful to us in our strategic planning.

Secondly, here are some things that we anticipate for the future.  We intend to have SOCHA legally incorporated.  This necessary step will enable us to collect funds.  Once that is done, we will determine what sort of benefit to members could come from our partner journal, the Journal of American Orthodox Church History (JAOCH), published by Prairie Parish Press (  Future members will either receive a discount on the journal or receive it as part of their membership in SOCHA.  We will also explore the possibility of providing SOCHA members with a discounted registration for our symposia.

Another future project will be an online database of searchable primary sources.  That will take quite some time to develop, and we are still debating whether this will be free or available to members only via a password, but we hope that some year down the road, this will come to fruition.  Regardless of how we structure this, monies from future membership will help fund this.

In the very long run, we also hope that membership monies will help fund research grants (modest in size).  Obviously, all of this takes time to develop and we ask for your patience.  It is our hope and prayer that SOCHA will continue to be a beneficial presence to anyone interested in Orthodox Christian history and thought and we assure you that we are doing the best we can.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Oliver

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