Want to write about American Orthodox history?

Dear Readers,

Since we started this website last June, we have published around 300 articles. I believe I’ve written the majority of them, but we’ve received many outstanding contributions from other SOCHA members and guest authors. Up to now, all of the guest articles have come at my request — as editor, I’ve specifically sought out other authors and asked them either to write something for us, or to give us permission to reprint articles they’ve already published elsewhere. But we have not, up to now, solicited contributions from the public in general. I’d like to change that.

There are, in this country, hundreds of amateur Orthodox historians. Many of you read this website, and I know that you’ve done valuable research that would be of interest to others. If you would like to contribute an article for publication here at OrthodoxHistory.org, please send me an email (mfnamee [at] gmail [dot] com). I can’t promise we will publish every submission, but we will consider each one. If we choose to print an article, we’ll edit it before publication.

I do hope that you, our readers, will consider submitting an article. While I thoroughly enjoy writing my own articles, I think everyone benefits from a diversity of authors. Once again, my email address is mfnamee [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks so much.

Matthew Namee, Editor