SOCHA adds Aram Sarkisian as fourth director

We’ll have more on our recent Princeton symposium soon, but before that, a special announcement: Immediately following the symposium, SOCHA added a fourth director to its executive board — Aram Sarkisian, whose work has already been featured on Aram is a member of the Armenian Church, and his grandfather was a longtime priest in the OCA. Here is Aram’s bio, which appears on our “Administration” page:

Aram G. Sarkisian is an independent researcher based in the Detroit area. He is a 2008 graduate of the University of Michigan, holding a BA from the Center for Russian and East European Studies, and a 2011 graduate of the University of Chicago, holding an MA in Social Sciences. He hopes to begin his doctoral work in 2012.

Aram’s primary research interest is Russian Orthodox Christianity in early 20th century America, focusing on issues of language, immigration, the intersection of ethnic and religious identity, and the impact of secular political and social movements on religious institutions.

He has also conducted research and written on topics concerning the Armenian Orthodox Church, including “And Always in Their Church: A Survey of English Translations of the Divine Liturgy in the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church,” published in Orientalia et Occidentalia, Vol. 8, published by the Michael Lacko Centre for East-West Spirituality (Kosice, Slovakia, 2010).

We’re very pleased to welcome Aram on board, and we look forward to his future contributions.

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