This week in American Orthodox history (May 28-June 3)

This week’s article is embarrassingly short — so short that I don’t think it actually qualifies as an “article.” I’ve just been pulled in all directions lately, and haven’t been able to give this site the time I’d like. We’ve got several fascinating article in the pipeline, though, including pieces from Nicholas Chapman and Deacon Andrei Psarev. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, take advantage of our site’s search function to look up past articles on some of the intriguing figures featured in this week’s post, such as Frs. Stephen Hatherly, Misael Karydis, Kyrill Johnson, and Patrick Mythen.

June 1, 1884:Fr. Stephen Hatherly, a visiting convert priest from England, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in Philadelphia. Twelve people attended.

May 30, 1886: Fr. Misael Karydis of New Orleans celebrated the first documented Divine Liturgy in Chicago.

June 3, 1897: Arthur Warren Johnson was born in Roxbury, MA. After graduating from college, Johnson converted to Orthodoxy and was ordained a priest, taking the name Fr. Kyrill.

June 3, 1902: The widowed priest Platon Rozhdestvensky was consecrated an auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Kiev. Five years later, he replaced St. Tikhon as Archbishop of North America.

June 1, 1923: Fr. Philaret Ioannides was consecrated Bishop of Chicago for the Greek Archdiocese.

May 28, 1924: Archimandrite Patrick Mythen, who had converted to Orthodoxy just a few years earlier and had quickly risen to a position of influence in the Russian Archdiocese, formally requested re-admission to the Roman Catholic Church.

June 2, 1927: Archbishop Apollinary Koshevoy, of the Russian Metropolia, joined ROCOR and founded the future Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco.

May 30, 1933: Bishop Emmanuel Abo-Hatab, head of the “Russy” faction of Syrians (that is, the Syrians who recognized the authority of the Russian hierarchy), died.

June 1, 1933: Bishop Emmanuel’s funeral took place in Brooklyn. Ironically, the chief officiant was Metropolitan Germanos Shehadi, the former leader of the rival “Antacky” faction.

May 28, 1934: St. John Maximovitch, the future ROCOR Archbishop of San Francisco, was consecrated a bishop.

May 28, 1959: Bishop John Zlobin of Alaska, a hierarch of the Russian Metropolia, died.

May 29, 1959: Fr. Michael Andreades died. Originally, Andreades had been one of a small handful of Greek priests who served in the Russian Archdiocese. Later, he joined the Greek Archdiocese.

May 30, 1989: OCA Archbishop John Shahovsky died.

May 31, 1992: Fr. Basil Essey was consecrated a bishop for the Antiochian Archdiocese. In addition to his duties as Bishop of Wichita, he now serves as the secretary of our Assembly of Bishops.

May 29, 2000: Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny was formally glorified as a saint in a ceremony at St. Tikhon’s Monastery in South Canaan, PA.

May 28, 2010: The first meeting of the Assembly of Bishops closed, and the hierarchs issued a joint statement.

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