Amazing photo collage of Antiochian priests, circa 1920

Antiochian clergy collage

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First of all, I’m really sorry for my extended absence from this website. Beginning in December, my life went pretty crazy — first the end of law school, then studying for the bar exam, and then moving and starting my legal career. Unfortunately, I’ve had no time at all for historical research.

Right in the middle of this chaos, I received a really awesome email from Fr. Timothy Ferguson, an Antiochian priest in Boston. He had discovered a photo collage of Syrian/Antiochian priests from the late 1910s/early 1920s — 21 clergymen in all. The collage is posted above, and here’s a list of the clergy depicted (and I’m retaining the spelling provided by Fr. Timothy’s sources):


  • Archbishop +Aftimious, Bishop of Brooklyn, Syrian Orthodox Mission in North America (Center)
  • V. Rev. Basil M. Kerbawy, Dean of the Clergy (Left of Bishop)
  • Rt. Rev. Emmanual Abu Hattab (Right of Bishop)

From Top Left:

  • Rev. Daniel Tanoos Jerguis
  • Rev. Eli El Hamati
  • Rev. Ayoub Salloom
  • Rev. Antonious Abu Alan Farah

Across the Bottom, Left to Right:

  • Rev. Sliman Boulos
  • Rev. Theodore Yanni
  • Rev. Yousef Kacere
  • Rev. Abraham Zaine
  • Rev. Hanna Hakim
  • Rev. Abdallah Khoury
  • Rev. Constantine Dawani
  • Rev. Philipous Abu Assaley Shaheen

From the Top Right:

  • Rev. Mousa Abi Haider
  • Rev. Elias Fraij
  • Rev. Michael El Khoury Saba
  • Rev. Solomon Faireny

Insert Below Fr. Kerbawy:

  • Rev. Sophronious Beshara

Insert Below Fr. Abu Hattab:

  • Rev. George Kattouf

Not Pictured:

  • Rev. Solomon Merighe
  • Rev. Simion Issa
  • Rev. George Dow Maloof
  • Rev. Yousef Elia
  • Rev. Basil Mahfouz

Many thanks to Fr. Timothy Ferguson for sharing his amazing find!

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