A Timeline of the Life of St Raphael

Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny, 1905 (Wilson's Photographic Magazine)

Bishop Raphael Hawaweeny, 1905 (Wilson’s Photographic Magazine)

A Brief Timeline of the Life of St Raphael Hawaweeny

1860 – Born in Beirut in November (family returned to Damascus the next year)

1874 – Tonsured reader

1877 – Worked as a middle school and 5th grade teacher (1877-79)

1879 – Tonsured a monk; appointed assistant to Patriarch of Antioch

– Entered theological school at Halki

1885 – Ordained a deacon

1886 – Awarded Master of Theology degree at Halki; returned to Syria

– Traveled throughout Patriarchate with Patriarch Gerasimos

1888 – Entered Kiev Theological Academy

1889 – Ordained a priest in Kiev at request of Patriarch of Antioch

– Elevated to archimandrite in Moscow; took over Antiochian metochion

1891 – Election of Patriarch Spyridon of Antioch

1892 – Suspended by Patriarch of Antioch for disobedience

1893 – Book on Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre published in Beirut

– Granted canonical release to Russian Church; moved to Kazan

– Began teaching at Kazan Theological Academy

1895 – Moved to New York

1896 – 1st Pastoral Tour

1897 – Became head of “censorship committee” of Russian Diocese

1898 – 2nd Pastoral Tour

– Published Divine Prayers and Services (the “5-pounder”) in Arabic

– Began recruiting Syrian priests to come to America

– Bishop Nicholas replaced by Bishop Tikhon in America

1899 – 3rd Pastoral Tour (including visit to Yanney homestead)

– Election of Patriarch Meletios of Antioch (1st Arab Patriarch in 170+ years)

– Nominated Metropolitan of Latakia

1901 – Refused request to become auxiliary bishop to Metropolitan of Beirut

– Purchased cemetery grounds for Orthodox Syrian community in New York

– Elected Bishop of Zahle (but refused)

1902 – Pastoral visit to Yucatan in Mexico

– Purchased Pacific Street cathedral in Brooklyn (consecrated November)

1903 – Elected auxiliary bishop of Brooklyn by Holy Synod of Russia

1904 – Consecrated bishop in Brooklyn

1905 – Began publishing Al-Kalimat (The Word)

– Consecrated grounds of St Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania

– Presided at Russian Diocese clergy conference

– Arrested in connection with conflict with Maronites

– Arrival of Fr Aftimios Ofiesh in America

1906 – Death of Patriarch Meletios of Antioch

– Participated in consecration of St Tikhon’s Monastery

1907 – Began multifaceted English program

– Bishop Tikhon replaced by Bishop Platon

1908 – Nominated Metropolitan of Tripoli

– Ordained Fr Theophan Noli (1st Albanian priest in America; future bishop)

– American branch of Anglican & Eastern Orthodox Churches Union founded

1909 – Awarded Order of St Anne-1st Class by Tsar

– Platon placed Raphael in charge of Russian consistory for 6 months

– Arrival of Deacon Emmanuel Abo-Hatab; placed him in charge of Al-Kalimat

– Syrians briefly classified as “Asian” by U.S. immigration authorities

1910 – Montreal parish split

– Authorized Episcopalian sacraments in extreme situations

1911 – 15th anniversary celebration

– Resigned from Anglican-Orthodox group

1912 – Participated in major Russian clergy gathering in New York

– Issued edict rescinding prior authorization of Episcopalian sacraments

– Diagnosed with myocarditis (inflammation of middle layer of heart wall)

1913 – Consecrated Tenafly, NJ seminary chapel with Bishop Alexander Nemolovsky

– 4th Pastoral Tour (upstate NY and PA)

– Publication of the Great Euchologion

– Celebration of ministry in Brooklyn – given Archangel Raphael enkolpion

1914 – 5th Pastoral Tour (Jan-May)

– 6th (and final) Pastoral Tour (Jul-Oct)

– Arrival of Metropolitan Germanos Shehadi

– Beginning of illness (December)

1915 – Died on February 27 at 12:45 AM

– Funeral on March 7

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  1. – There is a message of Patriarch Meletios of Antioch to the Russian Synod (№ 1003 from July 12, 1900) with the request to allow Raphael Hawaweeny return to Damascus, because the Patriarchal Throne needs a person that may occupy higher positions in Antiochian Patriarchate [Russian State Historical Archive (St.-Petersburg): ф. 796, оп. 181, год 1900, д. 3157, л. 6об. & 7].
    – In April of 1902 Raphael was elected Metropolitan of Seleucia (refused).

    1. Thanks! Do you happen to have a copy of the message from Patriarch Meletios? I would love to add it to our archive on St Raphael.

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