Turtledoves Prohibited, Wedding Was Postponed

I’ve been trekking through the 1860s lately, but I thought I’d take a break from that for a moment and present something completely random. From the Philadelphia Inquirer, July 27, 1913:


Syrian Father’s Poetic Fancy Cost Him a Fine Also

LA CROSSE, Wis., July 26. – Turtledoves would be just the thing to serve at his daughter’s wedding thought Dan Sady, leader of the Syrian colony at North La Crosse, but the game warden thought otherwise and today preparations for the wedding were halted while the bride’s father was brought into court on the charge of shooting doves protected by State law.

Sady finally paid a fine, but the proceedings caused so much delay that the marriage of Rosa Sady to Nejeeb George, of Canton, O., went over until tomorrow.